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About Us…


Who We Are:

²      Northstar Quality, Inc. provides consulting, training, auditing, and inspection services to help you improve and implement your quality management systems (QMS) & environmental management systems (EMS).

²      We help large and small companies become more efficient, with a special focus on working in close 1-on-1 relationships with smaller organizations.

²      We bring you insights and a balanced, practical perspective.  We are practicing quality professionals, actively involved in systems implementation, auditing, management, problem solving, auditor training, product inspections, and networking through quality associations.

²      Northstar Quality provides services throughout the Midwest and nationally.  Our staff provides training, consulting, and auditing through nationally recognized organizations.

Northstar Quality’s Approach:

²      Business first.  Keep focused on the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

²      Work quickly and efficiently within the framework your organization.

²      We assist you in accomplishing your objectives, hand-off to your personnel, and allow you to carry the ball for on-going success.

²      Keep it simple.  Apply quality standards directly as written, without adding extras not needed by your business.  Use our experience to identify innovative methods to minimize documentation and streamline processes.

²      Give you value for your investment that you can build on into the future.

²      Customer service … after our assignment is completed you’ll have someone to call for the quick question or the 10-minute discussion, so you can get the answers you need at no additional cost.

Our Capabilities:

²      Quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, QS-9000, FDA/QSR, ISO/IEC 17025, etc) implementation, documentation, and auditing.

²      Environmental management systems (ISO 14001) implementation, documentation, and auditing.

²      Lean Manufacturing implementation, assessment, and facilitation.

²      Continual Improvement tools and processes, statistical tools, problem solving, customer relations.

²     Quality tools and training: ISO understanding, internal auditor training, ISO implementation, FMEA, SPC, Gage R&R, supplier management, problem solving tools, QA methods, etc.

²      Inspection, gaging, calibration, & measurement services, including CMM programming & training (Virtual DMIS & PC DMIS).

²      Paperless Access & Excel solutions

²      Industry expertise includes:  Automotive, electronics, medical, agriculture, construction, aerospace, food processing, military, industrial goods, consumer products, metal working, foundry, welding, forming, machining, molding, tooling, packaging, distribution, plating, finishing, and heat treating.

Northstar Quality’s Personnel:

²      In addition to being RAB trained and certified as QMS auditors, we also hold ASQ certifications including Certified Quality Manager, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Quality Auditor.

²      We are a team of experienced quality management professionals, having over 100 years combined industrial and quality experience.  Biographies are available on Personnel page.


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