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Auditing is an area we’ve gotten many accolades from our customers.  Our clients like the business-first approach, our practical improvement opportunities, standard interpretations that are grounded in knowledge of the requirements, and our friendly approach in conducting the audit.  We see audits as a critical improvement process, not a policing effort.


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Quality Systems Auditing Services:


²      Internal Auditing – Many clients are finding it more economically feasible and value-added to subcontract the internal audit process.  They appreciate the thoroughness of our audits vs using internal personnel.  Internal operations are not interrupted by having people pulled away from their jobs, the scheduling problems with internal personnel are eliminated, and they save the on-going cost of training auditors.  Typically, we’ll use the same audit process as your registrar, including a closing meeting with management to ensure the findings are understood and improvement opportunities are discussed.


²      Pre-assessments – We can conduct a full system pre-assessment prior to your registrar coming on site.  The biggest advantage to this is that any findings are between us, so your registrar doesn’t see the problems prior to the registration audit.


²      Supplier Audits – Let us do the off-site work with your suppliers, saving you time while driving improvement with your suppliers.



Auditor Training:


²      Customized Internal Auditor Skills Training – We can come to your site and train your internal auditors in our “heads-up” auditing approach.  We teach auditors how to see the bigger picture, not just audit to see if a procedure is followed, helping you gain valuable improvements from your audits.  Typical auditor training is a 2-day workshop: day 1 covering the ISO requirements, and day 2 covers auditor skills and techniques.  We can customize this to fit your needs.


²      Public Auditor Skills Workshops – Want to attend a public workshop, see our training page for schedules, or contact us and we’ll find a way to get you the training you need.



Environmental Management Audits:


²      We provide internal auditing and pre-assessments to help you achieve your environmental management system objectives.



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